air conditioning repair

Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs a Repair

Unique Indoor Comfort wants to ensure that you have a dependable AC system that'll get you through the hot summer months. See if your system is experiencing any of these signs.

air conditioner installation

Air Conditioning Options for Older Homes Without Ductwork

Older homes may not be equipt with ductwork, which can make it difficult to install a central air conditioning system. Unique Indoor Comfort has the necessary experience to install a new AC system for these types of homes.

improve indoor air quality

Clearing the Air: Breath Easy this Summer

Outdoor air can sometimes be cleaner than indoor air, but Unique Indoor Comfort has the necessary tools to improve your indoor air quality. Click here to read more about how we can improve your air.

ductless mini-split installation

What Can You Expect When Installing New Air Ducts?

Air duct installation in your home or business can improve indoor air quality, increase energy efficiency, and help prolong the life of your HVAC system, but it's a big project. Many people might hesitate to begin such a project when they aren’t sure what to expect. Read more to see how Unique Indoor Comfort can help.

energy efficient heater

What Are 3 Ways You Can Tell if Your Heater Is Energy Efficient?

Most homes in the US depend heavily on either furnaces or boilers during the winter months. As temperatures drop, it’s essential to have reliable heating to keep your home warm and comfortable. Unfortunately, rising gas prices might mean keeping your home comfortable can also lead to a less comfortable number on your bank account. Investing in an energy-efficient heater keeps your home cozy, saves money, and reduces your carbon footprint.

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