5 Summer Energy Saving Tips From the Experts

Here are a few simple steps to cut down on your energy use and save on your electricity bill. Most of these you can do yourself, while others may require an HVAC professional.

What The R-22 Phase Out Means For Homeowners

As part of a nationwide plan to drastically reduce environmentally harmful emissions, the EPA has mandated the complete phase-out of a common air conditioner refrigerant known as R-22 by the year 2020.

Little League Baseball Season is Here!

Unique Indoor Comfort is a proud sponsor of Brookline Baseball & Softball, which celebrated the beginning of its 50th season with an exciting kickoff event in Havertown.

Today’s Heat Pumps Are More Efficient And Cost-Effective Than Ever Before

While most people still rely on traditional gas heating systems, the popularity of heat pumps is on the rise due to new technology, plus design and installation improvements.

Temperature Is Just a Number

Why What’s On the Thermostat Can’t Ensure Your Comfort

While temperature or thermostat readings certainly give us a good idea of what our environment might feel like, there are a number of other factors that affect our comfort level.

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