As an industry leader, we have received several inquiries about what people can do in their homes and businesses regarding indoor air quality (IAQ). Some of the options include high performing filters, humidifiers, and ionizers. We can help with all these solutions.

High performing filters, also known as media filters, provide additional filtration against dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, and pollen. They significantly reduce the amount of particles, compared to a standard filter, providing cleaner air.

Humidifiers maintain the humidity level in the home. In dry regions or areas with seasonal dryness, they create comfort, reduce your susceptibility to colds and viruses, and preserve wood furnishings and floors against warping or cracking.

Ionizers can help protect you and your family from environmental hazards like chemicals, bacteria, mildew, viruses (not tested with the COVID-19 virus), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and fine particulates. The ionizer we offer is the NuCalgon iWave-R (click here or watch the video below for more details). The product requires little to no maintenance. However, we want to be clear that NO product has been certified to specifically kill COVID-19 or prevent contamination. The product has tested effective against other virus strains with a 90-99% kill rate at the unit.

Please contact our offices by phone or email, for more information regarding our full range of healthy air products and home comfort services. We are available to answer any questions that you may have.

Best wishes for your continued health and safety,
The team at Unique Indoor Comfort

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